EANC co-hosts Congress at LEP-Whistler

By Mai-Liis Bartling

The Estonian American National Council (EANC) and Estonian Central Council in Canada (EKN) co-hosted the August 5th Congress.   It was particularly ambitious in its scope, framed by such questions as: What is Estonia to me, to us, to the world? How do Estonians in North America cooperate with those in Estonia to advance a common and unified cultural sphere?  What new opportunities, technology, and resources are available?  Dr. Maarja Lõhmus of the University of Tartu Institute of Social Studies and Media Studies moderated the session and provided a foundation for the discussion, suggesting that we need a new integration model, and perhaps could find inspiration from the 19th century transformation that occurred when the “maa rahvas” (people of the land) became “Estonians” – an identified people.  EANC and EKN were asked to address the essential role and contributions of exiled Estonians – both political and cultural -- during the period between 1940 and 1990, and to express their priorities for preserving this heritage and taking it forward to build a global Estonian culture.  EANC’s  response to these themes, presented by Mai-Liis Bartling, are:

8 küsimust ERKÜle 
1. millised on pagulaseesti kujunemise etapid/perioodid ja kuidas jõudis eestlaskond oma ülemaailmste organisatsioonideni ja Eesti ühise kultuuriväljani paguluses?   (What were the stages or periods of formation for exiled Estonians and how did the Estonian community achieve its international organizations and unified culture in exile?)
Answer:  This is a complicated question that needs a layered answer, as well as more formal study of the history of Estonians in the U.S.    If we only look to the post-war period, we will miss the critical antecedents to the development of Estonian culture and organization here. We know that Estonians have been in the U.S. since early colonial times, as the book “Estonians in America 1627-1975,” published 40 years ago, lays out.  The foundations of organized Estonian-American activity might be set at the turn of the 20th century, with individuals like Rev. Hans Rebane who – before his death in 1911 -- was organizing Estonian congregations and putting out Estonian language publications.  This critical pre-DP period had its own interesting history.  By 1940, New York was already an activity hub, upon which the later explosive growth in organizations (including ERKU) was built. 
Post war Estonian refugees began to organize themselves as soon as they fled into exile, by 1944/45. Already in Sweden and Germany there was religious life, Estonian schools, Seltsid, choirs, dance groups, scouting, etc. It was a way of continuing life with purpose and meaning when the future was so uncertain.  This time spent in refugee camps was very important, and the strong bonds formed between DP camp residents have persisted to this day.  By 1948/49, it became evident there would be no quick return to a free Estonia, and as Estonian immigrants came to the US and Canada they looked to their Estonian organizations for a sense of belonging and positive social engagement for their families.  They also wanted to do their part to preserve the Estonian language and culture and – not to be overlooked – to organize to effect political outcomes.   The 1950’s through 70’s were years of great development. 

2. pikal perioodil Eesti riigikaotuse perioodil 1940 - 1990ndate alguseni esindas eesti pagulaskond Eesti riiki rahvusvahelistes organisatsioonides (ÜRO, UNESCO jt ), milline on olnud põhiline töö ja panus selles vallas Eesti riigikaotuse perioodil rahvusvaheliselt?   (During the long period of the loss of the Estonian state (1940 until beginning of 1990) Estonians in exile represented the Estonian nation in international organizations (e.g...….) -- what was the essential work and contribution in this field during this period, internationally?) 
Answer:  In the pre-DP period, there were remaining Consuls, such as Kuusik, Kaiv and Johnson, who provided service.   (There were also fascinating conflicts within the Estonian-American community between those loyal to the Estonian government, and those more red-leaning who tried to take over representation of Estonia.) New York -- the hub of Estonian activity -- was also the location of the Estonian legation(diplomatic mission), which had an unbroken period of service throughout these years.  The political torch was carried by these official diplomatic representatives of Estonia until there was a critical mass of refugees to activate organizations.
Already in the summer of 1940, Estonian diplomats in America and leaders in the Estonian-American community formed the U’lemaailne Eesti U’hing (World Association of Estonians), to work for Estonian interests. Both the legation and non-governmental organizations played an important role in promoting the non-recognition policy of the U.S. vis-à-vis the Soviet Occupation (the Welles Declaration).  It is believed that this declaration helped avoid forced repatriation of DP’s to occupied countries.  
The non-governmental organizations evolved along two paths 1) formal entities representing local, regional, or national groups of Estonians (Seltsid, EOLL, ERKU, Ulemaailmne Eesti Kesknougogu (UEKN), eventually the Pan-Baltic JBANC), and 2) ad hoc volunteer organizations (BATUN, BAFL, ACA).    They jousted to an extent, but all had a role with pushing the Baltic cause in Congress and the UN.  Thanks to them, the Baltics remained a topic of discussion, even when no specific, positive action could be taken.  (Arne Kalm’s new book covers these topics well.) UEKN coordinated political activity and facilitated communication among the central organizations of the countries where Estonian DP’s went to live.  Their activity was significant enough to cause the KGB and Soviety authorities anxiety and countermeasures.

3.  Tänu kellele on Eestlaskond suutnud organiseeruda ja luua poliitilise-kultuurilise struktuuri Eesti riigikaotuse/ENSV perioodil? Kellele tuleb teha kummardused ja kelle mälestuse juurde ei tohi rohtuda teerajad? ( Thanks to whom did Estonians manage to organize themselves and create a political-cultural structure during the period when the nation was lost?  Whom should we recognize and whose memory should not be buried in overgrown paths?)  
Answer:  To answer who deserves credit for the organizational work -- there is an enormous list of individuals from many different periods.  What is really being asked for is a more complete history of a long period of Estonian-American society, spanning from the 1890’s through the 1990’s.  This is what EANC is supporting with the Estonians in America project, which will produce a book covering the period 1945-1995.   There is a need to also do histories of ERKU, UEKN, and other organizations to better understand their many facets.   If we are enumerating heroes, we can’t forget those – who in addition to the lead organizers – helped with all the preparations, cooked food, taught in Estonian schools, established summer camps and childrens’ activities, raised funds to buy property, and made “being Estonian” part of everyday life.

4.  mida peate Eesti ühiskonna ja kultuuri elujõu ja kestmise põhialusteks (Eestlaste Elujõud - vt Oskar Loorits 1951) ?  (What do you hold as the basis for Estonian community and culture vitality and survival?
Answer:  What kept the Estonian community together over such a long period?  This is also complicated.  In the pre-war period up to 1940, there was free movement of people between the US and Estonia.  Estonian organizations helped people “connect” as an Estonian community.  In the post-war period, the focus became working for the restoration of independence, and at the same time “preserving” culture that was under threat in the homeland.  Post 1991, these post-war purposes have come to wane and emphasis has been on offering cultural community, with the exception of the important work of reminding the world and motivating actions that support security in the region.   
Just why Estonians abroad, members of such a tiny community, continue to find value in their heritage -- why Estonia should continue to touch our hearts - is a deeper question.

5. Kuidas koguda, säilitada ning tutvustada pagulaseestlaste elulugusid ja kultuurisaavutusi? (How should we collect, preserve, and introduce the exiled Estonian life stories and cultural accomplishments?)
Answer:   It is so important to collect the life stories.  There can be more efforts like “Kogu Me Lugu.”   Other ideas: Appeal for archival materials before they are lost forever.  Create films and other media.  Create a special center in Tartu perhaps to collect and coordinate the collection of diaspora materials, and make them available digitally.   Define new study topics that encourage use of the collected materials.  Partner with others who have ideas for interesting projects.
There are many Archives in many of the countries where Estonians settled, and the archival work has been done mainly with volunteers.  It is time to devote professional attention to this area.  While the Estonian government has provided some help here, permanent attention and funding is needed.  It can’t be expected that the 3rd and 4th generations of the refugees, or the influx of Estonians here, will provide the financial support.

6. mida saavad kodueesti ja maailmaEesti koos teha - milliseid uusi koostöövorme peaksime arendama?  (What can the homeland and globalEstonia together do -- what new collaborative forms should we develop?)  
Answer:   We need to work together on collecting, coordinating, centralizing Estonian diaspora materials and information.  We also need to work together on collecting, organizing Estonian heritage materials and support their teaching to new generations outside Estonia.   These kinds of projects can be done in ways that create new collaborations, new connections between people.   How about getting students from Estonia together with members of the diaspora, specifically to collect and record oral histories, as a practical part of their curriculum? Skype could be used if travel is not possible.

7. ajal, kui virtuaalne ruum hakkab hõlmama ja kohati lausa asendama reaalset ruumi, tekib olukord, kus 'lokaalne' võib olla ka Eesti kultuur - Eesti jõuab kõikjale üle maailma, Eesti jõuab igasse eesti kodusse.  Kuidas seda uut maailmastruktuuri -- virtuaalse ruumi peatset domineerimist -- kultuuriliselt ja hariduslikult paremini ära kasutada globaalse eestlaskonna kultuurivälja loomisel ja hoidmisel?   (In this time when we start to embrace virtual space, in some places standing in for real space …. Estonian culture can reach worldwide, reach every Estonian home.  How can we use this new global structure – the imminent domination of virtual space  -- to create and keep global Estonian culture?) 
Answer:  Build on existing websites and Facebook pages, but also look to new models, for example the wealth of online learning systems and tools.   All of us involved with Estonian organizations here are challenged to use new media to continue to engage the next generation. This is something that the EANC, too, is putting focus on going forward.   Can Estonia can contribute its high tech and e-government expertise to this endeavor?
But even with the emphasis on virtual space, it will always be important to connect people to real life experiences with the Estonian homeland and people.

8. Loome ülemaailmse Eesti kultuuri-teaduse-hariduse portaali ESTICA, kus säilitame ja saame kasutada Eesti kultuuri ülemaailmselt. ESTICA eesmärk on, et Eesti kultuur muutuks ülemaailmselt kommunikatiivseks ja eesmärk saada Eesti tundmine, eesti keele õpetus kaasaegsele ülemaailmsele järjele, mis oleks sisuliseks edulooks maailma teistele kultuuridele. Kuidas peaksime selle tegema?  (We're creating a worldwide Estonian cultural-knowledge-education portal ESTICA, to preserve and where we can use Estonian culture around the world. The objective is for Estonian culture to become communicable worldwide.  The objective to get to know Estonia, study the language using contemporary worldwide standards, which would be a success story to the world's other cultures.   How do we do this?) 
Answer:   A short answer here—make this new portal interesting and fun, and not too academic.  Have an English version, too, to reach the largest number of people and connect them with their Estonian heritage.  

Calling all Estonian-American historians!


The Estonian American National Council (EANC) needs your help to complete its documentary book, “Estonian Americans: Exiles in a Land of Promise.”  Priit Vesilind, the retired senior writer and editor at National Geographic magazine, is the current editor of the book...

Scheduled for publication in late 2016, “Estonian Americans: Exiles in a Land of Promise” will cover the fifty years between 1945 until 1995. Part documentary, part reference and part narrative, the 500-plus pages will tell the story of the Estonian-Americans’ “Greatest Generation”, those who came to the United States after World War II via displaced persons camps. Traveling with limited physical belongings, but carrying a passion to right the injustice of the Soviet occupation of Estonia, they settled in enclaves around the country.

Vesilind has been compiling manuscripts collected by the previous editors, Enn Koiva and Marju Rink-Abel, which were written by a host of regional correspondents from throughout the Estonian-American community since 1995. He’s now searching for photographs and illustrations to round out the coverage. According to Vesilind, he still needs old photograph material from these geographical areas and topics: Boston, MA; Washington, DC; Buffalo, NY; Fresno, CA; Philadelphia, PA; Cincinnati, OH; Florida; Indianapolis, IN; church life; charities; fraternities and sororities; and women’s organisations. You can reach him at


Estonian American National Council, Inc., Seeks Washington, DC director

The Estonian American National Council, Inc. (EANC) requires a full-time director for its Washington, DC, activities and programs.  Responsibilities include: 
• Represent the EANC at meetings and at official functions primarily in the Washington, DC area, but also elsewhere, as required.
• Work closely with organizations to which EANC belongs and with those sharing common goals with EANC.
• Help support and implement activities and events undertaken by such organizations, in particular the Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) and the Central and East European Coalition (CEEC).  
• Develop, write, and disseminate press releases, alerts, newspaper articles, letters to the editor, and other public information materials.
• Monitor legislative and executive branch actions relevant to Estonia and EANC.
• Maintain informational contacts and meet with congressional offices, the State Department, the Administration, Baltic embassies, NGOs and other organizations. 
• Help develop and implement EANC policies to represent, in Washington, the interests of Estonian Americans in accordance with EANC goals and objectives.
• Organize EANC-sponsored programs, meetings and events.
• Keep current with events affecting Estonia, the Baltic region, and East and Central Europe.
• Manage day-to-day affairs of the EANC in Washington.
The position reports to the EANC Board of Directors.
• Excellent knowledge of English; Estonian highly desirable
• U.S. citizenship or work permit
• Excellent computer skills
• Excellent writing and speaking ability
• Experience in similar work highly desirable
• Knowledge of congressional and executive branch operations desirable
• Familiarity with and interest in Baltic events and current affairs 
• Ability to work independently and in a virtual environment
• College degree
Salary:  negotiable, depending upon qualifications and experience.  Relocation expenses to the Washington area will not be paid.
Applications will be reviewed starting October 15, 2015, and will be accepted until the position is filled.  
Send resume with job history and cover letter discussing interest in the EANC to: Matti Prima, EANC Search Committee:
For further information contact Linda Rink, EANC executive director, 215-546-5863.


Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides vajab täisajalist juhatajat oma Washington, DC tegevuse ja programmide läbiviimiseks.  Ülesanded:

ERKÜ-t esindada koosolekutel ja ametlikkudel funktsioonidel, peamiselt Washingtoni piirkonnas, kuid ka mujal nagu vaja.

Tihe koostöö organisatsioonidega kuhu ERKÜ kuulub ja nendega kellel on samad eesmärgid kui ERKÜ-l.

Toetada ja aidata läbi viia üritusi ja aktsioone ette võetud sääraste organisatsioonide poolt, eriti Ühendatud Balti Ameerika Komitee (ÜBAK, ehk JBANC) ja Kesk- ja Ida Euroopa Koalisatsioon (CEEC).

Välja arendada, kirjutada ja levitada pressiteateid, kiire info teateid, ajalehe artikleid, kirju ajalehtedele, ja muid informatiivseid materjale.

Jälgida Ameerika kongressis ja valitsuses sündmusi mis puudutavad Eestit ja ERKÜ-t.

Hoida kontakte informatsiooni vahetamiseks ja kohtuda USA kongressi büroodega, välisministeeriumiga ja valitsusega, Balti saatkondadega,  mitte-tulundus ühingutega, ja teiste organisatsioonidega.

Aidata arendada ja läbi viia ERKÜ politikat Washingtonis, Ameerika eestlaste huvide esindajana, kooskõlas ERKÜ sihtidega ja eesmärkidega.

Organiseerida ERKÜ programme, koosolekuid ja üritusi.

Olla kursis sündmustega mis mõjutavad Eestit, Balti rajooni, ja Ida- ja Kesk Euroopat.

Korraldada ERKÜ igapäevast tegevust Washingtonis.

Töökoht allub ERKÜ juhatusele.


Suurepärane inglise keele oskus; eesti keele oskus väga soovitav

Ameerika kodakonsus või tööluba

Suurepärased arvuti oskused

Suurepärane  kirjutamine ja kõnelemine

Kogemusi säärase tööga väga soovitav

Teadmised USA kongressi ja valitsuse tegutsemise tavadest soovitav

Teadmised ja huvi Balti rajooni olukorrast ja sündmustest

Olla võimeline töötama iseseisvalt ja virtuaalses keskkonnas

Ülikooli haridus

Palk: sõltub kvalifikatsioonidest ja kogemustest.  Ümberasumiskulud Washingtoni ei ole tasutud.

Sooviavalduste ülevaatamine algab 15. oktoobril, 2015.  Neid võetakse vastu  kuni koht on täidetud.

Saata resume töö kogemustega ja kirjaga milles käsitlete oma huvi ERKÜ vastu: Matti Prima, EANC Search Committee:

Rohkem informatsiooni: Linda Rink, ERKÜ tegevjuht, 215-546-5863.



The Estonian American National Council held its annual meeting on October 3, 2015, at the Sheraton BWI Airport.  

Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides aastakoosolek toimus Sheraton BWI Airport hotellis 3. oktoobril.  

EANC members and guests at 2015 annual meeting. Front row: Eric Suuberg (Vice President), Marki Tihhonova-Kreek (Deputy Chief of Mission, Estonian Embassy in DC), Marju Rink-Abel (President), Maia Linask (Secretary), Tiina Urv (Treasurer), Linda Rink (Executive Director). Photo: Ülle Ederma



EANC Special Promotion: FREE Vaba Eesti Sõna Subscription!/ ERKÜ erakordne pakkumine: Tasuta Vaba Eesti Sõna tellimine! 

Now you can support both EANC and Vaba Eesti Sõna!  The Estonian American National Council announces a special promotion:  every person who donates $500 or more to EANC will receive a free subscription to Vaba Eesti Sõna, the only Estonian-language newspaper published in the U.S.!   You can choose either a free ½ year printed newspaper subscription or a full-year digital subscription.  Are you already a VES subscriber?  You can gift the free subscription to someone else!

The Estonian American National Council’s special $200,000 2015 fundraising campaign is still going strong.  Remember, your donations help support a free Estonia and preserve your Estonian heritage for future generations, so please give generously!

Contact: Linda Rink,, 215-546-5863
Please write checks to “EANC” and send to: EANC, c/o Linda Rink, 1420 Locust St., Suite 31N, Philadelphia PA 19102.  Include this form with your donation check.

Nüüd teie saata toetada mõlemaid ERKÜ-t ja Vaba Eesti Sõna!  Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides kuulutab välja erilise pakkumise: iga inimene kes annetab ERKÜ-le $500 või enam saab tasuta tellimise Vaba Eesti Sõnale, ainsale eestikeelse ajalehele mis on USA-s välja antud!  Teie võite valida kas trükitud ajalehe ½ -aastase tellimise või digitaalse versiooni aastase tellimise.  Kas juba tellite VES-i?  Võite tasuta tellimise kellegile teisele edasi kinkida!

Eesti Rahvuskomitee 2015 a. erakordne $200,000 korjanduse aktsioon on tugevalt edasi liikumas.  Tuletame meelde, et teie annetused aitavad toetada vaba Eesti riiki ja alal hoida teie eesti pärandit järgmistele generatsioonidele.  Palun annetage lahkelt!
Kontakt: Linda Rink,, 215-546-5863

Tsekid kirjutada “EANC” nimele ja saata: EANC, c/o Linda Rink, 1420 Locust St., Suite 31N, Philadelphia PA 19102.  Saatke vorm koos tsekiga.

EANC enables free-to-the-public Baltic Diaspora Exhibit in Philadelphia this summer

From June 22 through August 30, the Free Library of Philadelphia, Central Branch, will open an unprecedented exhibition of the Baltic diaspora, drawing on the memories, documents, photographs, and memorabilia of families and individuals who lived through the WWII experience.
Where: Free Library of Philadelphia, 1901 Vine Street. Second Floor West Gallery, see for directions and parking
When:  June 22 through August 30, 2015, hours: M-Th 9am – 9pm; F 9am – 6pm; Sat 9am – 5pm; Sun 1pm – 5pm
Exhibition opening reception: free and open to the public, Tuesday, June 23, 5:30pm – 7pm; RSVP required, to request invitation contact:
For more information: 773-582-6500 or Karile Vaitkute, Rita Janz,
215-735-7110 or Krista Bard

The creation of this exhibition reflects the collaborative effort of numerous institutions including: the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, the Latvian Folk Art Museum, the Chicago Estonian House, and the Lithuanian Emigration Institute.  
This project is partially supported by grants from the Kazickas Family Foundation, Lithuanian Council for Culture, Lithuanian Foundation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Lithuania, Women’s Guild of the Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, the Latvian Foundation, Inc., Cultural Foundation of the World Federation of Free Latvians, the Philadelphia Society of Free Letts, the Estonian American National Council and the Philadelphia Estonian Society, the Lithuanian American Association of Philadelphia, the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Lithuania and private donations.

EANC Assists Young Adults Attending JBANC Conference

The Estonian American National Council sponsored the following four young Estonian Americans to the 11th Joint Baltic American National Committee Baltic Conference: 

Alex Hubschmidt, Philadelphia, PA Brennen Kelly, Leili Tõõtsov, President Toomas Hendrik Ilves, Alex Hubschmidt, and Ivan Kavoleff at the JBANC Conference (Photo: Peter Alunans)
Ivan Kavoleff, Jackson, NJ 
Brennen Kelly, New York City
Leili Tõõtsov, Randolph, NJ

These individuals were selected based on their applications, which included a short essay stating why they wished to attend the JBANC conference in Washington, DC on April 17-18, 2015.  

“History Repeated: Baltics and Eastern Europe in Peril?” was the conference theme; diplomats and political experts discussed what Russia’s invasion of Ukraine means for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and its neighbors. Conference details  are available at

EANC to Assist Young Adults Attending JBANC Conference

The Estonian American National Council (EANC) is pleased to announce that it will award financial support to selected young adults interested in attending the 11th Joint Baltic American National Committee (JBANC) Baltic Conference on April 17-18, 2015. The Conference will be held at the Renaissance Dupont Circle Hotel in Washington DC.

EANC will accept applications from individuals aged 17 to 30 who have not previously attended a JBANC Conference.  To apply for support, please submit an essay stating why you are interested in attending the Conference, include a short biography, and e-mail it to, or mail it to:

Linda Rink
EANC Executive Director
1420 Locust St., Suite 31N
Philadelphia, PA 19102

The deadline for submissions is March 15, 2015.  Further information about the Conference, including a preliminary agenda and registration form, can be found at  

Maryland Air National Guard Briefed on Estonia

Marju Rink-Abel, president of the Estonian American National Council, provided an overview of Estonia to the Maryland Air National Guard, stationed at Warfield Air National Guard Base, Middle River, MD, on February 8, 2015.   Many members are going to Estonia in June to participate in training and exercises, and were interested in learning more about the country before they left. EANC president Marju Rink-Abel addresses the Maryland Air National Guard

Her presentation covered Estonia’s history, major cities, language, culture, government, economy and achievements.   Interest in the topic was high, as there was standing room only in a crowd of over 100. 
Estonia and Maryland have a special relationship that started with the end of the Cold War and as part of the NATO Partnership for Peace program.  In 1993 a section of the American part of this initiative became known as the State Partnership Program (SPP).  As part of SPP, Maryland through its National Guard was assigned a special relationship with Estonia and the Estonian Defense League (Kaitseliit).
The military to military association proved to be so successful that the Republic of Estonia and the State of Maryland have enlarged the scope of their partnership to include civilian to civilian relationships.  These include university-to-university programs and Sister City relationships (including Talllinn-Annapolis, Tartu-Salisbury, and Narva-Bel Air).  In 2009, a Sister State agreement between Harju County in Estonia and the State of Maryland was signed, leading to further cultural and educational exchanges.

Currently, the Maryland Estonia Exchange Council (MEEC) helps to coordinate the civilian activity.  Col. Milton Davis (ret.), is Executive Director of MEEC, Dr. Barbara Tower is vice-president, and Mrs. Elizabeth Davis is secretary.  Estonian Americans who have been active in MEEC activities include Chairman Toivo Tagamets, Karl Altau, and Erik Puskar.  



EANC supports planned Museum to the Victims of Communism

The Estonian American National Council made a substantial contribution at the end of 2014 to the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VOCMF) for the purpose of supporting its planned Museum.Pictured are JBANC Managing Director Karl Altau (a board member of the VOCMF), VOCMF chairman Dr. Lee Edwards, Marju Rink-Abel (ENAC president), and VOCMF Executive Director Marion Smith.

ERKÜ poliitiline töö

Fotol on Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopa Koalitsiooni liikmed kokku saamas USA senaatoriga Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) 20. novembril 2014. Vasakult on Ameerika päritoluga keskorganisatsioonide esindajad Michael Sawkiw (Ukraina), Ausma Tomsevics (Läti),  Asta Banionas (Leedu), Senaator Brown, Alice Kipel (Valgevene) , Danele Vidutis (Leedu)  ja Marju Rink-Abel (Eesti).  Diskussiooni pea teemaks oli Kongressi tähtsus toetamaks Ameerika abi Ukrainale.  Senaator Brownil oli eriline huvi Eesti vastu, kuna tema külastas Eestit esimest korda a. 1974, millal tema oma lõputöö Yale-i ülkoolis kirjutas Eesti kohta.Left to RightÖ Miachel Sawkiw, Ausma Tomsevics, Asta Banionas, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio), Alice Kipel, Danele Vidustis, Marju Rink-Abel.


Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides jõulutervitus - detsember 2014

Jõulud on rahu ja õnne aeg, aeg millal sündis Jeesuslaps, inimeste päästja kes toob rahu ja head meelt kõigile.  Meil aga läheb vahest meelest, et Jeesus ise oli hädaohus, sest Kuningas Herod plaanis tema surma, kartes ohtu oma võimule, ning saatis oma sõdurid last otsima.  Joosep viis kiiresti oma perekonna Egiptusesse, et sellest ohust pääseda.

Tänapäeva sündmused on jälle ohtu toonud, mitmel pool maailmas.  Meid paneb kõige rohkem muretsema Venemaa agressioon Ukrainas ja kasvav oht tema naabritele, eriti balti riikidele.  Selle ohu eest ei saa põgeneda, vaid tuleb teisiti selle vastu seista.  Õnneks on meil liitlasi USA-s kes jagavad meie muret ja kellega koos on võimalik mõndagi saavutada.

Rõõmustav uudis on Kongressis vastu võetud ja peatselt Obama allkirja ootamas seadusandlus, mis lisab uusi Venemaale suunatud sanktsioone ja võimaldab tõhusamat militaarset abi andmist Ukrainale.  Ukraina võitleb mitte ainult enda, vaid ka Euroopa eest.  See on tähtis saavutus, et USA Kesk- ja Ida-Euroopast päritoluga keskorganisatsioonide töö on vilja kandnud selle seadusandluse õnnestumisega viimasel minutil enne Kongressi istungi lõppu.  

Keegi meist ei tea, mida tulevik toob.  Venemaa majanduslik olukord läheb imekiirelt alla mäge.  Kuidas see mõjutab tema käitumist on raske ette ennustada.  Kuid oleme kindel selles, et sammud mida on siiani võetud kaitsmaks balti riike, ja Euroopa riikide üldine ärkav arusaam ohust mis tuleb Venemaalt, saavad meid ainult aidata.  Meie valvsus ja kiire reageerimine sündmustele on praeguses olukorras väga tähtis.

Soovin teile kõigile rahulikke jõulupühi ja loodame, et uus aasta toob rahu ja paremaid aegu igal pool maailmas.  Tänan teid ERKÜ-le osutud abi eest ja olen kindel, et saame teie abi peale ka tulevikus loota.  Nagu Jumal kaitses Jeesuslast, hoidku tema Eestit!

Parimate tervitustega,
Marju Rink-Abel
Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides esimees

ERKÜ auhinna õhtusöök ja ``Eestlased Ameerikas`` seminar / EANC Hosts Award Dinner and “Estonians in America” Seminar

Äsja valitud Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides XXI Esinduskogu liikmed, külalised ja teised Ameerika eestlased kogunesid Sheraton hotellis, Stamfordis, Connecticutis, 27. septembril, 2014, austama ERKÜ 2014 a. auhindade saajaid, ja kuulama erilist paneel diskussiooni teemal ``Eestlased Ameerikas: Minevik, olevik ja tulevik.``

ERKÜ korraldas paneel-diskussiooni et tähistada üle 70,000 eestlase Eestist Nõukogude sissetungi eest põgenemist 70 aastat tagasi.  Järgmised silmapaistvad isikud esinesed 100-pealisele kuulajaskonnale:

Arne Kalm ja Arved Plaks, panelistid teemal `` Eestlased Ameerikas: Minevik,`` esitasid oma perspektiive Ameerika eesti ühiskonna muutustest üle aastate, andes ülevaateid laiahaardelistest poliitilistest ja kultuurilistest tegevustest.  Arne Kalm, finantsi ala juht ja praegune ERKÜ juhatuseliige, on aktiivne Los Angelese eesti ühiskonnas;  hr. Plaks, kelle juhatuses olemise aeg just lõppes, on innukas koori ja rahvatantsu esineja, ning vabakutseline fotograf ja ajakirjanik.

Priit Vesilind, Laas Leivat, Marcus Kolga, ja Toivo Tänavsuu arutasid teemat ``Eestlased Ameerikas: Olevik.``  Hr. Vesilind, kes on endine National Georgraphic toimetaja ja ERKÜ poolt volitatud lõpetama raamatu ``Eestlased Ameerikas,`` rääkis Ameerika eestlaste ajaloo ja elukogemuste käsitlemisest raamatus.  Laas Leivat on uus Ülemaailmse Eesti Kesknõukogu esimees, Eesti Aukonsul Kanadas ja üks Kanada ajalehe ``Eesti Elu`` toimetajatest.  Kanada eestlane Marcus Kolga on auhinnatud dokumentaalfilmide tegija.  Eriti tähelepanu väärt oli diskussioon Krimmi anekteerimisest Venemaa poolt ja Vene sissetung Ukrainasse, eriti selle mõju poliitilisele olukorrale Läänes ning Kanada ja Ameerika eestlaste tegevusele. Toivo Tänavsuu on Eestist ``Eesti Ekspressi`` ajakirjanik, kes esitas ülavaate oma hiljuti asutatud heategevast organisatsioonist, `Kingitud Elu`` (The Gift of Life -, sihiga abistada eestlasi kes vajavad kalleid vähjavastaseid arstirohte.

ERKÜ juhatuseliikmed Mirjam Krull, Washingtoni (DC) Eesti Seltsi esinaine, ja Andres Simonson, e-ajakirja ``Èstonian World`` kaastööline, jagasid oma perspektiive teemal ``Eestlased Ameerikas: Tulevik.``  Hr. Simonsoni kristallkuuli abiga, mida tema laenas paneelile, arutasid esimesed kaks paneeli liiget tähtsust rohkem tähelepanu pöörata enam ja enam mitmekülgseks muutuvale ning eesti keelt mitte-valdavale Ameerika eesti ühiskonnale, ning leida viise kuidas meie noori, meie tuleviku juhte, kaasata. Andrus Viirg, Enterprise Estonia - Silicon Valley juhataja, lõpetas paneel diskussiooni ülevaatega eesti uutest firmadest USA-s, ja USA-Eesti investeerimiste tulevikust.

Paneeli moderaatorid olid Linda Rink, ERKÜ tegevjuht, ja ERKÜ juhatuseliikmed Maia Linask ja  Eric Suuberg.

Hiljem samal õhtul toimus pidulik õhtusöök, kus austati järgmisi 2014. a. ERKÜ auhindade saajaid:

Jaak Juhansoo, kauaaegne Ameerika eesti aktivist ja endine Ülemaailmse Eesti Kesknõukogu esimees.
Nordic Press, ainsa USA eestikeelse ajakirja ``Vaba Eesti Sõna`` väljaandja.  Esimees Sirje Uriko võttis vastu auhinna.
James ja Maureen Tusty, laialt levinud filmide ``Laulev Revolutsioon`` ja ``Üheshingamine`` produtsendid.  
Eesti ameerika skaudid, pikaajalise töö eest eesti noorte eesti vaimus kasvatamisel. Auhinna võttis vastu juhataja Tiina Fischgrund.
Eesti ameerika gaidid, pikaajalise töö eest eesti noorte eesti vaimus kasvatamisel. Auhinna võttis vastu juhataja Leena Kangro.

ERKÜ auhinnad tunnustavad üksikisiku või organisatsiooni erilist tööd eesti pärandi, kultuuri ja keele alalhoidmiseks ja edendamiseks USA-s, või silmapaistvat panust spetsiifilisel erialal.
Newly-elected members of the XXI Estonian American National Council, guests and other Estonian Americans gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut, on September 27, 2014, to honor the recipients of EANC‘s 2014 awards, and to hear a special panel discussion on the topic:  “Estonians in America: Past, Present, and Future.”  

EANC hosted the panel discussion to mark the 70 years since the September, 1944, flight of over 70,000 Estonians from the Soviet invasion of Estonia.  The following distinguished panelists presented their views to the audience of about 100:

Arne Kalm and Arved Plaks, the panelists for “Estonians in America: The Past,” provided their perspectives on how the Estonian community in the United States has changed over the years, with an overview of its extensive political and cultural activities. Arne Kalm, a finance executive and current EANC Board member, is an active member of the Los Angeles Estonian community; Mr. Plaks, whose Board term just ended, is an avid participant of choir and folk dance performances, and a free-lance photographer and writer.

Priit Vesilind, Laas Leivat, Marcus Kolga, and Toivo Tänavsuu discussed “Estonians in America: The Present.”  Mr.Vesilind, who is a former senior editor at National Geographic, and has been engaged by EANC to finish the book “Estonians in America,” discussed his view on how to present the Estonian American history and experience in the book. Laas Leivat is the new president of the Estonian World Council, the Estonian Honorary Consul General in Canada and an editor of the Canadian newspaper “Eesti Elu.”  Canadian Estonian Marcus Kolga is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Particularly noteworthy was the discussion of the Russian annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine and the impact on the political landscape in the West and for Estonian American and Estonian Canadian acitivity. Toivo Tänavsuu is an Estonian journalist with ``Eesti Ekspress,`` who provided an overview of his recently-founded Estonian charity, “Kingitud Elu” (The Gift of Life -, to help Estonians needing expensive cancer medicines.  

EANC Board members Mirjam Krull, Chair of the Washington, D.C. Estonian Society, and Andres Simonson, guest writer for the e-magazine “Estonian World,” shared their perspectives on “Estonians in America: The Future.“  With the aid of Mr. Simonson’s crystal ball, which he lent to the panel, the two panelists discussed the importance of recognizing an increasingly diverse and non-Estonian-speaking Estonian American community, and also ways to include our youth, who are our future.  Connecticut Estonian scouts and girl guides, who were in uniform and helped with registration of attendees, were singled out as examples of our future leaders.  Andrus Viirg, Director of Enterprise Estonia - Silicon Valley, ended the panel discussion with an overview of Estonian start-up firms in the United States, and the future of investments between the United States and Estonia.

Panel moderators were Linda Rink, EANC Executive Director, and EANC Board members Maia Linask and Eric Suuberg.  
Later that evening, a festive awards dinner honored  the following 2014 EANC award recipients: 
Jaak Juhansoo, long-time Estonian American  activist and former Estonian World Council president. 
The Nordic Press, publisher of Vaba Eesti Sõna, the only U.S. Estonian-language newspaper. Chairman Sirje Uriko received the award.
James and Maureen Tusty, producers of the widely-viewed films “The Singing Revolution” and “To Breathe As One.”
The Estonian American Boy Scouts, for long-time work instilling the Estonian spirit in our youth.  President Tiina Fischgrund received the award. 
The Estonian American Girl Guides, for long-time work instilling the Estonian spirit in our youth. President Leena Kangro received the award. 

EANC’s awards recognize the work of exceptional individuals or entities in preserving and nurturing our Estonian heritage, culture and language in the United States, or for outstanding contributions in a field of endeavor.  

EANC 2014 Awards Dinner and Seminar – Sept. 27 / ERKÜ 2014. a. auhindade õhtusöök ja seminar – 27. sept.

The Estonian American National Council invites you to attend “Estonians in America – Past, Present and Future,” a special seminar to be held on Saturday afternoon, September 27, 2014, in Stamford, Connecticut.  The English-language seminar, which is free and open to the public, will be held at the Sheraton Hotel in conjunction with the 2014 EANC Awards Dinner, as well as EANC’s Annual Meeting.  Panelists will include Arne Kalm, Marcus Kolga, Laas Leivat, Arved Plaks, Andres Simonson, Mirjam Krull, Priit Vesilind, Andrus Viirg and Toivo Tänavsuu.  Registration begins at 1:30 PM; the panel session begins at 2:00 PM.

That evening, join us for a festive dinner and EANC’s 2014 Awards Ceremony at the Sheraton! Come honor the 2014 Award winners:  Jaak Juhansoo, the Nordic Press, James and Maureen Tusty, The Estonian Boy Scouts - USA and The Estonian Girl Guides - USA!   Registration deadline for the dinner, which costs $65 per person ($35 for students) is Friday, September 12, 2014. Click here for the registration form.

Plan to come early for the panel discussion, which begins at 1:30 PM. and stay for the awards ceremony and dinner!
 Cocktail reception begins at 6:30 PM, followed by dinner at 7:15 PM.  Dress code: business attire.  Free parking at the Sheraton for the day (not overnight) either outside or in the garage (self-park) -- ask for a validation ticket from Linda Rink before you leave.

The Sheraton Stamford Hotel is sold out!  But EANC has negotiated a special $115+tax room rate for a limited number of rooms at the Hilton Stamford  – call 1-800-445-8667 and make sure you request  the „Estonian American National Council“ rate.  Make your reservation as soon as possible to be guaranteed a room!  When these rooms are gone, you will have to make your own non-discounted reservation in Stamford. 
Pange kuupäev kinni!  Eesti Rahvuskomitee kutsub teid seminarile “Eestlased Ameerikas – minevik, olevik ja tulevik“, pealelõunat laupäeval, 27. septembril, 2014, Stamford, Connecticutis.  Seminarist osavõtt on tasuta ja avatud kõigile.  Inglisekeelne seminar leiab aset Sheraton hotellis, kus toimub ka ERKÜ aastakoosolek.  Panelistide seas esinevad Arne Kalm, Marcus Kolga, Laas Leivat, Arved Plaks, Andres Simonson, Mirjam Krull, Priit Vesilind, Andrus Viirg ja Toivo Tänavsuu .

Samal õhtul toimub Sheratonis ERKÜ 2014 a. auhindade väljaandmine koos piduliku õhtusöögiga.  
Auhinna võitjad on Jaak Juhansoo, The Nordic Press, James ja Maureen Tusty, Eesti Gaidide Malev USAs, ja Eesti Skautide Malev USAs. Registratsiiooni vorm on siin.  Tähtaeg registratsiooniks ja maksimiseks on reede, 12. september. Õhtusöögi hind on $65 inimese pealt, $35 oppilastele.

Tulge varakult paneeldiskusioonile, mis algab 1:30 pl,  ja jääge auhinna tseremooniale ja õhtusöögile!  Cocktailid kell 6:30 pl; õhtusöök 7:15 pl.  Äri riietus on vastuvõetav.  Parkkimine on ilma rahata päevaks, küsige tõendi Linda Rinki käest.

Sheraton Stamford on välja müüdud!  
Aga ERKÜ on saanud piiratud arv tube alandatud hinnaga - $115+tax toa pealt - Hilton Stamford hotellis.  Helistage 1-800-445-8667 ja küsige „Estonian American National Council“ rate. Tehke reservatsioon nii kiiresti kui võimalik.  Kui need toad on läinud, siis peate tegema enda reservatsiooni Stamfordis.


To mark the 70 years since the September 1944 flight from the Soviet invasion of Estonia, the Estonian American National Council will host a special panel discussion on Saturday, September 27, 2014, in Stamford, Connecticut, at the Stamford Sheraton Hotel.

The public is invited to the free, English-language panel discussion on the topic:  “Estonians in America: Past, Present, and Future.”  Join us at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel to listen to the following distinguished panelists present their views:
Arne Kalm and Arved Plaks will review “Estonians in America: The Past.”
Priit Vesilind, Laas Leivat, and Marcus Kolga will discuss “Estonians in America: The Present.”
Mirjam Krull, Andres Simonson, Andrus Viirg, and Toivo Tänavsuu will give their thoughts on “Estonians in America: The Future.“

Panel discussion moderators will be Linda Rink, Maia Linask, and Eric Suuberg.
Registration for the free session will begin at 1:30 PM, and the panel discussion will commence promptly at 2:00 PM.

Plan to come for the panel discussion and stay for cocktails at 6:30 PM and the subsequent EANC awards dinner, also at the Sheraton!  The dinner will honor the 2014 recipients of EANC’s awards to recognize the work of exceptional individuals or entities in preserving and nurturing our Estonian heritage, culture and language in the United States, or for outstanding contributions in a field of endeavor.  

EANC 2014 Awardees Announced/ ERKÜ 2014. a. auhinna saajad valitud

The Estonian American National Council (EANC) is pleased to announce the winners of its 2014 awards to honor outstanding Estonian Americans and organizations.
The EANC awards tradition was established in 2012 in conjunction with the Council’s 60th anniversary.  The awards recognize the exceptional work of individuals or entities in preserving and nurturing our Estonian heritage, culture and language in the United States, or for outstanding contributions in a field of endeavor.  
There are four award categories. Three categories are for individuals: for “Outstanding Achievement,” for “Distinguished Service,” and for ”Outstanding Contributions to EANC.”  The fourth category is for ”Outstanding Organization.”  EANC does not necessarily give awards in all four categories in any given year.

The 2014 Award Winners are:
Jaak Juhansoo: “Distinguished Service.” Juhansoo is a long-time Estonian activist and former Estonian World Council president (2007-2014).  In addition to being president and honorary member of the Boston Estonian Society, he has been president and a board member of the Baltic Society of New England, treasurer and board member of the Captive Nations Commitee, an elected EANC member.  He received the White Star IV Order from the Estonian government in 2007, and the Canadian–Estonian award for freedom fighting in 2003.
The Nordic Press: “Outstanding Organization.”  The Nordic Press, Inc. is publisher of Vaba Eesti Sõna, the USA’s only Estonian-language newspaper.  The newspaper celebrated its 60th uninterrupted year of publication on June 11, 2014.  Published in New York, it serves readers across all of North America, as well as Estonia and other parts of the world. Editor-in-chiefs have included Evald Roosaare, Erich Ernits, Harald Raudsepp, Talvi Laev, Aire Salmre, Airi Vaga, and currently Kärt Ulman.  Sirje Uriko is Board Chairman of The Nordic Press, Inc.
James and Maureen Tusty: “Outstanding Achievement.” The Tustys are producers of the widely-viewed films, “The Singing Revolution” and “To Breathe As One.” James Tusty is Executive Producer and Co-Filmmaker along with his wife, Maureen, in their company Sky Films, Inc. Their most noted collaboration is the film documentary “The Singing Revolution,” which tells the story of Estonia’s non-violent massive singing demonstrations and their role in the collapse of the Soviet Union and the regaining of Estonian independence.  Released in 2008, “The Singing Revolution” generated over 300 million press impressions, reached 125 North American theatrical markets, and is used as course material in schools throughout the United States. The 2014 release “To Breathe As One" showcases Estonia’s “Laulupidu” Song Festival from the perspective of the participating Piedmont East Bay (CA) Children's Choir.
The Estonian Boy Scouts: “Outstanding Organization,” For long-time work instilling the Estonian spirit in our youth. 
The Estonian Girl Guides: “Outstanding Organization,” For long-time work instilling the Estonian spirit in our youth. 
Scouting has had a long tradition in Estonia, beginning in 1911.  Carrying on this tradition, the Estonian Girl Guides and Boy Scouts in the USA have played an important role in involving the next generations with their Estonian heritage and traditions.  The annual scouting jamborees at the scout campgrounds in Lakewood, New Jersey, are considered the highlight of the scouting year.  Tiina Fischgrund is the current president of the Boy Scouts, and Leena Kangro is the president of the Girl Guides.

EANC’s 2014 award winners will be honored on September 27, 2014, at a festive dinner at the Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, Connecticut.  Please join us in honoring these truly outstanding individuals and organizations! Reservations for the dinner and awards ceremony are required; tickets are $65 person.  Student tickets are $35.  Registration and payment must be received no later than Friday, September 12, 2014.  
For details about the awards and Award Dinner, contact Linda Rink, EANC’s Executive Director, at (215) 546-5863, or by email at  The registration form is on the EANC website,, with additional information.
Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides (ERKÜ) teatab, et 2014.a. auhinna saajad on valitud.  Auhinnad tunnustavad silmapaistvaid Ameerika eestlasi ja organisatsioone.

ERKÜ auhinna traditsioon sai alguse 2012 Rahvuskomitee 60. juubelil.  Auhinnad tunnustavad üksikisiku või organisatsiooni erilist tööd eesti pärandi, kultuuri ja keele alalhoidmiseks ja edendamiseks USA-s, või silmapaistvat panust spetsiifilisel erialal.
On neli auhinna kategooria..  Kolm on määratud isikutele:  Erakordsete saavutuste eest, märkimisväärsete teenete eest, ja erakordse panuse eest ERKÜ-le.  Neljas kategooria on silmapaistvale organisatsioonile.  ERKÜ ei tarvitse anda auhindu igas kategoorias igal auhinna aastal.

2014 a. auhinnasaajad:
Jaak Juhansoo: märkimisväärsete teenete eest.  Juhansoo on kauaaegne eesti aktivist ja endine Ülemaailmse Eesti Kesknõukogu esimees (2007-2014).  Lisaks tema panusele Bostoni Eesti Seltsi presidendina ja nüüd auliikmena, on Juhansoo ka olnud New Englandi Balti Ühingu president ja juhatuseliige, Ikestatud Rahvaste Komitee laekur ja juhatuseliige, ning kauaaegne ERKÜ Esinduskogu liige (1977-2014).  Temale anti Eesti Vabariigi Valgetähe IV klassi orden 2007 a., ja Kanada-Eesti vabadusvõitluse teenetemärk 2003. a.
The Nordic Press: silmapaistev organisatsioon.  The Nordic Press annab välja “Vaba Eesti Sõna“, USA ainsat eestikeelnset ajalehte.  11. juunil, 2014, tähistas ajaleht 60 aastat pidevat ilmumist.  Välja antud New Yorgis, on ajalehel lugejaid üle terve Põhja-Ameerika, lisaks Eestis ja mujal maailmas.  Peatoimetajad on olnud Evald Roosaare, Erich Ernits, Harald Raudsepp, Talvi Laev, Aire Salmre, Airi Vaga, ja praegu Kärt Ulman.  Sirje Uriko on The Nordic Pressi juhatuse esimees.
James ja Maureen Tusty: erakordsete saavutuste eest.  Tusty-d on laialdaselt levinud filmide “Laulev Revolutsioon” ja “Üheshingamine“ produtsendid.  Nende firmas Sky Films, Inc., on James Tusty peaprodutsent ja kaasfilmitegija oma abikaasaga Maureeniga.  Nende kõige enam tunnustatud koostöö on dokumentaalfilm “Laulev Revolutsioon“, mis kirjeldab Nõukogude Liidu kokkuvarisemist ja Eesti taasiseseisvumist massiivsete, rahulikkude laulu demonstratsioonidega Eestis. Välja antud a. 2008, on “Laulev Revolutsioon“ nimetatud ajakirjanduses üle 300 miljoni korra, see on jõudnud Põhja Ameerika 125 kinosse, ja on kasutatud USA koolides õppematerjalina.  2014 a. ilmunud “Üheshingamine“ vaatab Eesti Laulupidu läbi osaleva Piedmont East Bay (CA) koori silmade.
Eesti Skautide Malev: silmapaistev organisatsioon.  Pikaajalise töö eest eesti noorte eesti vaimus kasvatamisel.
Eesti Gaidide Malev: silmapaistev organisatsioon.  Pikaajalise töö eest eesti noorte eesti vaimus kasvatamisel.
Skautluse pikk traditsioon Eestis algas 1911. aastal.  Jätkates seda traditsiooni, on Eesti Gaidid ja
Skaudid USA-s mänginud tähtsat rolli sidudes meie järgmisi generatsioone eesti pärandi- ja traditsioonidega.  Iga-aastased skaudilaagrid Lakewoodi, New Jersey, skaudimaa-alal on skaudiaasta kõrgpunkt.  Tiina Fischgrund on praegune Eesti Skautide Maleva juht ja Leena Kangro Eesti Gaidide Maleva juht.

ERKÜ 2014 a. auhinna saajaid austatakse pidulikul õhtusöögil 27. septembril, 2014, Sheraton hotellis, Stamford, Connecticutis.  Palun ühinege meiega austamaks neid silmapaistvaid isikuid ja organisatsioone!  Reservatsioonid õhtusöögiks ja auhinna tseremooniaks on vajalikud; piletid on $65 isiku pealt.  Tudengite pileti hind on $35.  Tähtaeg registratsiooniks ja maksmiseks on hiljemalt reede, 12. september, 2014.

Võtke kontakt Linda Rinkiga, ERKÜ tegevdirektoriga, et saada rohkem informatsiooni: 
(215) 546-5863, või emeilil  Registreerimise vorm on saadaval ERKÜ koduleheküljel,, koos lisainformatsiooniga.

New Yorgi Eesti Segakoor thanks EANC

From Marianne Vanaselja on 8/11/14:
"We would like to thank you and your organization for the donation to our choir.  Due to your generous donation the trip to Estonia was made more affordable.  Our choir members were deeply honored.  We were very proud to take a part in the festival under the New York Mixed Choir banner.  Our practices started on a Friday, Saturday was the parade through town and the combined choirs performance.  Sunday was the day for the mixed choirs and combined choirs performances.  The song festival was quite memorable and national pride was overwhelming.  When asked of our choir members if they would come back in the Fall then most were quite interested.  Our new season is ahead and we’d like to offer our songs to all the local Estonians.
Once again, thank you for your donation.
Me tahame Teid ja Teie organisatsiooni tänada meile osutatud abi eest. Tänu meile annetatud rahale, oli paljudele kooris lauljatele kuluderohke reis Eestisse laulupeole taskukohasem. Meie koori liikmetele avaldas see sügavat muljet. Oli uhke rongkäigus osaleda NY Eesti Segakoori nime all. Laululusti jätkus mitmeks päevaks. Reedel alustati prooviga, laupäeval toimus rongkäik läbi linna ja ühendkooride kontsert ning pühapäeval segakooride ja ühendkooride kontsertid. Laulupidu oli hästi meeldejääv ja rahvuslikult ülev. Kui koori liikmetelt küsiti, kas nad tahavad ka sügisel uuesti jätkata, siis enamus oli sellest vägagi huvitatud. Meil on ees uus aasta ja tahame laulurõõmu pakkuda ka sel aastal kohalikule Eesti  ühiskonnale.
Oleme veel kord Teile tänulikud osutatud abi eest.
Lisatud foto: Enne rongkäiku kogunemine Vabaduse väljakul.
Photo: Jaak Rakfeldt

EANC Gives Arvo Pärt Lifetime Achievement Award / ERKÜ Annab Arvo Pärtile Eluaegsete Saavutuste Tunnustuse Auhinna

Marju Rink-Abel & Arvo Pärt. (Photo: Arved Plaks)In honor of his "Extraordinary Contributions of Artistic and Cultural Significance / Erakordse Tähtsusega Heliloominguliste ja Kultuuriliste Panuste Eest," Marju Rink-Abel, EANC president, presented Arvo Pärt with a Lifetime Achievement Award at the post-Carnegie Hall concert reception on May 31, 2014.

Over 150 well-wishers attended the reception, which was sponsored by the Estonian Ministry of Culture.

To read reviews of the sold-out Carnegie Hall concert, see News and Events - Events.



EANC Engages Priit Vesilind to Complete History of Estonians in America / Kokkulepe ERKÜ ja Priit Vesilinnu vahel Ameerika eestlaste ajaloo raamatu lõpetamiseks 

The Estonian American National Council is pleased to announce that it has engaged Priit Vesilind to finish the history of Estonians in the United States from the time of the World War II.  The book, which has a working title of “Estonians in America: Seventy Years of Struggle and Success,” will provide details on the history and activities of Estonian refugees and displaced persons - and their descendants - who came to the U.S. after Estonia was occupied by the Soviet Union.

Mr. Vesilind will build on the manuscript originally prepared by Mr. Enn Kõiva, with contributions by many other individuals, covering the period from approximately 1949 to 2000, and which has since undergone revisions and additions to 2009 under the editorship of Marju Rink-Abel.  Mr. Vesilind will be contacting selected Estonian American organizations to update information and to acquire photographic material for the book.  

Mr. Vesilind, currently a freelance writer, is a former senior writer and photojournalist for National Geographic magazine. He has written and photographically illustrated three books about political and cultural affairs in Estonia, including “The Singing Revolution.”  
The book is slated for publication in late 2016.

EANC thanks all who helped support this significant project, either through written or financial contributions.
Eesti Rahvuskomiteel Ühendriikides on hea meel teatada, et ERKÜ on sõlminud kokkuleppe Priit Vesilinnuga Ameerika eestlaste ajaloo raamatu lõpetamisesks.   Inglisekeelne raamat, mille esialgne tiitel on “Estonians in America: Seventy Years of Struggle and Success,” tegeleb ajaga peale teist maailmasõda ja pakub informatsiooni eesti põgeniku ja pagulaste, ning nende järeltulijate, ajaloost ja tegevusest USA-s peale Eesti okupeerimist Nõugkogude Liidu poolt.

Hr. Vesilind töö aluseks on käsikiri mida valmistas hr. Enn Kõiva paljude teiste abiga ja mis katab ajajärku 1949 kuni 2000.  Marju Rink-Abeli toimetamisel on seda revideeritud ning lisatud uut informatsioon kuni aastani 2009.  Hr. Vesilind kavatseb ühendust võtta teatud Ameerika eesti organisatsioonidega informatsiooni uuendamiseks ja pildi materjali korjamiseks.

Priit Vesilind, praegu vabakutseline kirjanik, oli varem toimetaja ja pressifotograaf National Geographic ajakirja juures.  Tema on kirjutanud ja illustreerinud fotodega kolm raamatut mis tegelevad poliitiliste ja kultuuriliste sündmustega Eestis, kaasaarvatud “The Singing Revolution.” 

Praeguste kavade järgi peaks raamat ilmuma 2016 aasta lõpus.

ERKÜ tänab kõiki, kes aitasid tõetada seda tähtsat projekti, kas kirjaliku või majandusliku abiga.


EANC Calls for 2014 Awards Nominations / ERKÜ ootab soovitusi 2014 auhindade määramiseks

The Estonian American National Council (EANC) announces solicitation of award nominees for the 2014 EANC awards program to recognize exceptional Estonian American individuals or organizations.  EANC invites you to submit your nominations for these awards, which were instituted at EANC’s 60th Anniversary Gala in 2012.  This year’s awards ceremony will be open to the public at a dinner following EANC’s annual meeting on September 27, 2014 in Stamford, Connecticut.

The program has four award categories. Three award categories are for individuals: one for “Outstanding Achievement,” one for “Distinguished Service,” and one for outstanding contributions to the EANC.  The fourth category is for ”Organizational Excellence,” presented to an organization.  As these awards are meant to recognize truly outstanding contributions, EANC will not necessarily give awards in all categories.  Final selections will be made by the EANC board.

2012 EANC award winners were former EANC presidents Juhan Simonson and Mati Kõiva (Outstanding Contributions to EANC Award), the Estonian Archives in the U.S. (Outstanding Organization Award), Dr. Olga Ritso Kistler (Outstanding Achievement Award), and Ambassador Melissa F. Wells (Distinguished Service Award).  

There is no formal form to fill out for nominations.  Written nominations should include the name of the person being nominated, which award category, a brief rationale for the nomination, and contact information for the nominator.  Please send via e-mail (preferably) to Linda Rink, EANC Executive Director, at, or by mail to Linda Rink, 1420 Locust Street, Suite 31N, Philadelphia, PA 19102.
Nominations are due by April 30, 2014.
Eesti Rahvuskomitee Ühendriikides (ERKÜ) kuulutab välja võimaluse esitada kandidaate ERKÜ 2014 auhindadele, ning kutsub teid selleks nimetama väljapaistvaid ameerika-eesti isikuid või organisatsioone. Auhindade väljaandmise traditsioon algas ERKÜ 60. juubeli galal, septembris, 2012.   Selle aasta auhinna tseremoonia toimub peale ERKÜ aastakoosolekut 27. septembril, Stamford Connecticutis, avalikul õhtusöögil.

Auhinnad tunnustavad ameerika-eesti isikuid või organisatsioone neljas kategoorias.  Kolm kategooriat on määratud isikutele:  erakordsete saavutuste, märkimisväärsete teenete, ja erakordse panuse eest ERKÜ-le.  Neljas kategooria on silmapaistvale organisatsioonile.  Need auhinnad tunnustavad tõelist erakordset panust.  ERKÜ juhatus teeb lõpliku otsuse ja ei ole välistatud, et neid kõike ei anta.

2012 aasta auhinna võitjad olid ERKÜ endised esimehed Mati Kõiva ja Juhan Simonson, Dr. Olga Ritso Kistler, suursaadik Melissa Wells, ja Eesti Arhiivi Ühendriikides.
Kirjalikkudes soovitustes peaks olema kandidaati nimi, auhinna kategooria, ja lühikene seletus teenustest, pluss soovitaja kontakt andmed. (Formaalset vormi ei ole.) Saatke e-mailiga Linda Rinkile, EANC Executive Director,, või postiga: Linda Rink, 1420 Locust Street, Suite 31N, Philadelphia, PA 19102.
Viimane kuupäev soovitusteks on 30. aprill.